Upthere Raises Astounding $77 Million

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Watch out iCloud. The future of cloud storage just got another key player in Upthere. The company founded by former Apple employees raised $77 million to get started in the game.

It is clear that many investors have great faith in the ability of this start up to find its place in the vast world of cloud storage.

While there are a lot of options in the world of cloud storage, Upthere is proving that there is still a demand for further options and innovation in the industry.

KPCB, Western Digital,  Elevation Partners, Floodgate, GV, NTT Docomo Ventures, and Square 1 Bank all contributed the capital to help get this promising company to take the next step in the world of ultimate cloud storage solutions.

Upthere Encourages Only Cloud Storage

One of the major criticisms about Upthere is that fact that they actively discourage and eliminate a hard copy being stored locally. This may not seem like too major of a deal breaker for some, especially those with the fast and reliable internet, but what about those that are away from good internet access while traveling or if there is simply an outage?

While we love cloud storage, it is a valid point that not having access to files due to an outage may cause lost productivity or hassle for some people. Upthere just doesn’t allow you to save to your comp and the file be uploaded from there. 


Upthere does offer a trial period at a reduced cost, so you have a chance to see how well it works for you. After the trial, you can expect to pay $4.99 for 200 Gigs of cloud storage and then $1.99 a month per 100 Gigs if you need more.

The pricing structure is enough to turn off some users that can get more storage elsewhere or those that only need a small amount of cloud storage that can be had for free or very little per year.  Expect the cost of storage to go down over time as more start-ups enter the game and competition increases.


Upthere says that due to the heavy demands of electronics, a lot of battery life, time, storage, etc. is unnecessarily take up. This demand can slow down your computer or camera a lot. The cloud frees up your devices, so they perform better, and you can be assured that you have another copy if you lose your device.

In today’s busy world it is likely that at some point you are going to misplace something, or you may even have something stolen from you. Your pictures and another information don’t have to be lost even under these circumstances if you take full advantage of all the cloud has to offer.

Upthere Helps Connect People

One of the founding principles of Upthere is connecting friends and family through the cloud. With the cloud, you can so easily share folders of video and pictures so that everyone can keep in better touch no matter where they are at on the planet.  All of this is extremely affordable and easy to use as well.

Innovative App Is Your Gateway

The Upthere app makes it easy to access all your files and information and share them with friends and family. You can think of course access others files as well if you have the permission to do so. The app allows for unlimited storage of all your important documents, photos, music, and more.

It is astoundingly easy to find what you are looking for. Although the app organizes by file type so you can browse what you have, there is also the ability to put in a few letters and find exactly the file you need.

The apps organizational features allow for small previews, so you don’t have to waste anytime finding exactly what you need. For example, if you clicked on the date of a photo you would see a view of the photos organized by date.

Helping you stay more organized is one of the goals of Upthere regardless of the inability to retrieve files when out of internet range.

Keeping In The Loop

Upthere utilizes a feature called Loops that allows for easy sharing among a group of users. This allows for fast and easy networking among friends, family, and work associates. Creative efforts and clubs will love this feature that goes beyond what Google Plus can offer users.

There is no limit to the amount of Loops you can be a part of.  This is a very valuable organizational tool for those with a lot of different interests and enterprises.

Keep Your Files As Is

Many of us have experienced the frustration that occurs when a file is augmented for storage without us having any control over it. Upthere keeps your files as is. You do not have to worry about photos or videos being compressed and the quality of the data becoming compromised.

It can be amazing just how much clarity and definition you can lose without even knowing you have done a thing when you use services that automatically change files.

Due to the unlimited amount of storage available to you, there is little use in ever compressing or permanently reducing files sizes.

No Worry About Deleting Files And Syncing

With Dropbox and other programs that auto sync, if you permanently delete a file on you the hard copy in your Dropbox folder then it will erase it on other comps and the cloud when things sync up. There is less chance of these mistakes happening when you have everything just in the cloud.

Making The Choice 

Upthere is not for those that have unreliable or slow internet connections or jobs that make instant info critical to success. However, if you are lucky enough to have access that never seems to go down or if you utilize the cell phone network for internet, then Upthere may have a lot of offer you.

Those that mostly use tablets and netbooks will be comfortable using this service.

  • August 11, 2016
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