Which Cloud Backup Company Is The Best For Business?

When it comes to online backup for business, the service you opt to use is crucial. Business owners should never have to worry about losing critical information and not being able to recover it. A scenario like this could be crippling and erase months or even years of work and data which could lead to tremendous losses. Worse, it could lead to your business collapsing entirely.

Yes, the scenario we just ran through would be a nightmare. Don’t fret! It was only a dream. Thankfully, there are online backup solutions for businesses out there that you can trust. You have enough to worry about as it is. Busy schedule, clients, projects. The safety of your important files should never be one of those things.

best online backup for business

Finding the Best Online Backup for Business

With a myriad of options available, you’re going to need a solution that covers everything you’re looking for and is best tailored for your business. Would you ever want to deal with compromised confidential business files or data because your backup services security standards weren’t up to par? Of course not! Chances are you’d also be pretty upset if you ran out of backup space during a major project.

It’s also important to note that a lot of introductory types of backup services or those designed for personal use probably aren’t going to cut it if your business is beyond an exceptionally “small business” level. Many businesses have a configuration where multiple employees all work on different computers and devices so you’ll need a backup service that can cover all of them.

There are backup services out there that offer solutions which are designed specifically for businesses with administrative features built in.

When searching for the best online backup for business, there are a few things you should be looking for:

  • A service that is built for businesses and can handle larger scale backup
  • Significant storage space so that you’re never at risk of running out at a critical time
  • Adequate security so that your data is never vulnerable

When you’re in the market for a backup service for your business, it’s wise to compile a list of things that are particularly important to you. Take a look at what is offered by different companies. Decide on features that are imperative, and what types of things are less necessary. You can use this list as a reference to ensure that you choose the right service.

Now that we’ve taken care of the formalities let’s get to the companies that are providing the best online backup for business!

Winner: Carbonite Online Backup for Office

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Described as a “cloud pioneer,” Carbonite was founded back in 2005. Carbonite headquarters are located in Boston, MA, and there are numerous offices located throughout the United States in addition to offices in Canada, the Netherlands, and Germany. The company currently staffs over 800 team members to help protect customer data.

Carbonite’s backup solution for office features E2 hybrid backup which not only backs up all of your information on-site but also offers the added security of cloud backup. Having a local, on-site backup provides businesses with a rapid recovery solution when files need to be restored while the offsite backup protects you from disaster scenarios and addresses redundant data protection.


  • E2 Hybrid backup protects you with two security layers
  • Easy to use and accessible from anywhere in the world
  • End-to-end encryption, including 256-bit private key encryption and TLS/SSL transport security
  • Multiple plans that will cover businesses of many different sizes
  • Award-winning support seven days a week


  • Storage isn’t unlimited which could be a problem for some larger business models
  • No monthly plan options, annual plans only
  • Lacks file sharing options featured by a few other providers

Second Place: Crashplan Online Backup PRO

crashplan logo

Crashplan was created by Code42 and founded in 2001. The company is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN and serves some of the world’s largest technology companies, most valuable brands, and most Ivy League colleges and universities.

Crashplan’s PRO Small Business solution is an excellent online backup for small business. The company offers a free 30-day trial of their services and even has a solution for enterprises with over 100 employees. Crashplan also provides flexibility by allowing customers to choose their plans by month and per device. You can also cancel at any time, so the risk is minimal.


  • Unlimited storage – No bandwidth caps, file restrictions, or storage size limits
  • Advanced encryption – 256 AES data encryption, 128 AES communication encryption, and customizable security upgrade options
  • Restoration is easy and can be done through the desktop console, web-based tool, or mobile app
  • Automatic updates for all security updates, software features, and other enhancements
  • Universal networking that works over wireless, wired, and cellular networks


  • No file sharing which is offered by a few comparable services
  • The mobile app has limited functionality
  • Some users have had issues with the reporting aspect of the service

Third Place: Backblaze Online Business Backup

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Backblaze has been around since 2007. The company started out as a small-scale operation and now offers online backup services for business as well as solutions for personal use, and developers. They have been featured in the news numerous times and are one of the best current backup services on the market.

Backblaze’s business solution is very affordable at just $50 per year, per computer. They offer unlimited storage which is a huge plus for larger businesses with large numbers of files to protect. The Backblaze service is both foolproof and off-site to ensure that all of your business data will be safe no matter what.


  • Unlimited backup and unlimited external drive backup
  • Military-grade 128-bit AES encryption transferred through SSL and encrypted in storage
  • Data is accessible through the browser on any device
  • Files can be shared or downloaded from iPhones or iPads
  • Backblaze backs up exceptionally fast and doesn’t eat up resources


  • All files are backed up by default, which works for some businesses, but can be an issue for others
  • Limited file versioning – file versions only kept for 30 days
  • Some users have reported that scheduled backups caused computer issues

Let’s Wrap It Up

As we know, finding an online backup solution for the business we run is a pretty big deal. Sifting through all of the potential options can be extremely time-consuming and tedious, so we took over most of the heavy-lifting for you here. Based on our experiences and the backup services we’ve tested, we feel that when it comes to your business, Carbonite offers the best solution.

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