IDrive Announces RemotePC Team Plan

Few cloud storage services are as popular as IDrive.

The cloud storage and syncing tool has a solid reputation, especially among small and medium businesses using the service for secure, streamlined collaboration.

Though IDrive has always been highly regarded, the company’s recent announcement of its all new RemotePC “Team Plan” ushers in even more exciting possibilities.

The so-called Team Plan is designed specifically for businesses. It combines the best features of RemotePC with new admin tools and business features.

Below we look at what the Team Plan brings to the table as well as the top features that RemotePC already boasts.

About RemotePC

About Remote PC

RemotePC is high among IDrive’s most popular core services.

It’s a remote access tool that enables employees to connect and get work done no matter their location.

Whether this means while employees are traveling, attending business meetings, or telecommuting from home, RemotePC makes working outside the office far more efficient.

Almost all aspects of a business can be accomplished from a separate location. RemotePC is perfect for collaborating and troubleshooting as well as training new hires.

Not only does RemotePC make life easier, but it also boosts employee productivity. Your employees will get more work done when they’re able to communicate with each other so effortlessly.

A remote access tool like RemotePC gives employees around-the-clock access to valuable company information regarding products, services, inventory, and the like.

The constant access helps your company’s bottom line. The more efficient your team is, the more revenue you’ll end up bringing in.

Even before the announcement of Team Plan, RemotePC has long been a useful tool for small businesses. Chief among its many features are file transfer, text chat, remote printing, record sessions, multiple monitor support, and 128-bit SSL encryption.

What is Team Plan?

What is Team Plan

The big problem with other versions of RemotePC is this: only one remote computer can access an account at once.

Sure, the program is still beneficial, but this severely limits the service’s uses for those that are running a small business.

Team Plan stops this problem in its tracks. The new plan allows over 100 computers to remote access a single account at once.

An assigned admin controls the account and monitors all users. A variety of new admin tools make this task easy.

An account admin, all from the convenience of a browser (no software required), can now use the RemotePC dashboard to:

  • Add new users
  • Organize users into teams
  • Manage remote access rights for users/computers
  • View user/computer session activity logs

Best of all, RemotePC is very user-friendly. The interface is so simple to use that no additional training is required for new users.

The set-up process is just as easy. After an admin invites new users, these users will be able to immediately use the remote access tool with few if any questions asked.

The new Team Plan significantly increases the effectiveness of RemotePC for businesses. Team members can now collaborate, train, and troubleshoot from nearly any location.

As mentioned above, the flexibility, convenience, and around-the-clock access of RemotePC greatly increase employee productivity (and thus a company’s bottom line).

Additional RemotePC Features

Additional Features

It’s not just the new features that make Team Plan tick. Many of the older features of RemotePC also benefit businesses.

The always-on remote access is by far the most important for businesses. You can configure business computers so that employees can remotely access them at any time. That way work can be accomplished no matter what.

Another effective RemotePC feature is one-time instant access. Use this feature to give people a one-time unique access ID and key. The person can then access a remote computer a single time without being able to do so again later.

The web-viewer interface is yet another highlight of RemotePC. The service is used entirely in a browser – no software required.

Finally, mobile access makes RemotePC even more effective. It’s available on both iOS and Android devices. Your employees can now connect to remote computers from their mobile devices while on the go.

How Much Does Team Plan Cost?

The RemotePC Team Plan from IDrive costs $499.50.

Team Plan gives you access to all the new admin tools and business features. It gives you access to up to 100 computers.

Access to more computers is available upon special request.

Who Benefits from IDrive RemotePC Team Plan?

Benefits of

Businesses of all sizes will benefit from IDrive’s new RemotePC Team Plan.

RemotePC has always been a useful tool, but Team Plan makes remote access and collaboration so much easier.

Team members can now access important company documents, files, and information from nearly anywhere – even from a mobile device.

The convenience of RemotePC makes your business more productive as a whole. Individual employees will be more easily able to accomplish their tasks.

IDrive puts a lot of emphasis on safety with RemotePC Team Plan. It’s protected by 128-bit SSL encryption for secure connections.

The only drawback to Team Plan is the high price. $500 is no big deal for some businesses, but also means that the service is out of range for some very small businesses out there.

Final Thoughts

IDrive is a company that is doing things right.

Their new RemotePC Team Plan takes the already powerful remote access tool to all new levels.

Designed specifically for business use, the team plan improves collaboration, training, and troubleshooting by giving employees around-the-clock remote access to up to 100 computers.

In addition to these new features, Team Plan offers all the other great features of RemotePC as well. These include always-on remote access and one-time instant access.

RemotePC Team Plan supports mobile devices (both iOS and Android) and features military-grade encryption.

With the IDrive name behind the service, you can rest assured that RemotePC Team Plan does what it claims to and more.

For even more collaboration and sharing benefits, pair RemotePC with other IDrive tools like IDrive or IBackup. Like RemotePC, these two other services are safe, secure, and extremely effective.


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