How to Edit PDFs on Your iPhone or iPad with Dropbox

There’s little denying that dealing with PDFs is a frustrating process.

Loading them is usually annoying and editing them is a whole new level of challenging. Still, PDFs are more than necessary for several applications. In fact, they’re often essential.

You know what’s even worse than editing a PDF on a computer? Attempting to edit a PDF on your mobile device.

Until recently, editing PDFs on your iPhone or iPad was frustrating enough to wait until you could do so on a computer.

Luckily, the recent integration of Adobe’s Acrobat Reader with Dropbox makes editing PDFs on mobile devices much easier. It makes it so much easier that I’ll edit PDFs on the go (no longer waiting until I have computer access).

Here’s the lowdown on exactly how to edit PDFs on your iPhone or iPad with Dropbox.

edit pdfs with dropbox

Integration with Adobe

Dropbox first announced its partnership with Adobe near the tail end of 2015.

The goal was to make working with PDFs on a mobile device simple, faster, and easier.

The first version of Dropbox with Acrobat Reader integration was for iOS devices only. Shortly after its release, in early 2016, an integrated version was released for Android devices.

Today, all Android and iOS devices can access the Dropbox app with Adobe seamlessly integrated.

So, what exactly can you accomplish with this exciting version of the Dropbox app? The options are nearly endless.

Chief among them is annotating and commenting on PDFs in your Dropbox from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad.

Better yet, all the changes you make to PDFs in your Dropbox are shared with any collaborators. Everyone stays up to date with the latest version of the project.

Of course, you’ve been able to edit PDFs with Adobe Acrobat Reader for a long time. You couldn’t do so seamlessly from the Dropbox app though.

Rather than require both apps on your mobile device, you can now accomplish all the same tasks with a single app.

Simply put, you no longer have to send emails back and forth, downloading then editing then uploading PDFs in the process.

If you need to sign a PDF file or enter more complex information, it’s as simple as clicking edit in the Dropbox app, entering the needed information, and then sharing with collaborators.

About Dropbox and Adobe Acrobat Reader

Easier editing of PDFs isn’t the only benefit of the integration of Adobe with Dropbox.

You also access some of the other features of this Adobe product as well as all the popular features of Dropbox.

Dropbox is a simple, elegant cloud storage and syncing platform. You can access your files from anywhere in the world, via computer or mobile device.

The platform makes it incredibly easy to share documents with others. Just upload the files, share them with the desired users, and collaborate on projects.

Dropbox also offers real-time collaboration. Office Online users will see each other’s changes appear on their own screens automatically after they happen.

In addition to its integration with Adobe Acrobat Reader and Office Online, you can also use Dropbox in collaboration with dozens of other powerful apps.

Adobe makes working with PDFs a cinch. You can fill out forms and sign documents from your computer or mobile device.

The app also enables more streamlined collaboration. Make edits and changes on a shared file, and all users will see these changes on their device.

As mentioned above, the integration of Adobe with Dropbox was a long time coming. It just makes sense that these two incredibly popular services work together.

How to Edit PDFs with Dropbox

Just so you’re clear – Dropbox also enables you to make edits to PDFs from its desktop version.

We’re here to talk about the mobile app though. Luckily, despite the smaller screen, editing a PDF on an iPhone or iPad is just as easy.

All you have to do is click “Edit” after first opening their PDF file in the Dropbox app. Clicking “Edit” in Dropbox automatically opens Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Then all you have to do is make your desired edits. Any changes you make are automatically saved to Dropbox.

The same goes for electronic signatures. If you have a PDF that requires a signature, simply sign electronically with Adobe and the document will be saved to Dropbox.

As mentioned above, any changes to PDFs are automatically shared with all collaborators to erase the need for needlessly emailing edited or signed PDFs back and forth.

Who Benefits from Dropbox and Adobe Integration?

“Who doesn’t benefit from the Dropbox and Adobe integration?” is perhaps the better question.

Anyone that uses Dropbox regularly is sure to appreciate this new feature. The same goes for those that regularly use Adobe.

Though Dropbox isn’t the only cloud storage solution available, a good chunk of Adobe users rely on it for their file storage needs.

Dropbox, on the other hand, no doubt added the integration so that its loyal users can more seamlessly store, edit, and share PDFs.

Even those that don’t work with PDFs won’t mind the integration. Dropbox and Adobe working together does nothing to negatively affect either app.

Adobe works in the background of Dropbox. It’s only brought to the forefront when it’s needed.

Final Thoughts

Dropbox has long collaborated with other powerful and popular apps and services.

Their recent partnership with Adobe is only one in a long stream of collaboration with top companies including Microsoft.

The Adobe integration only makes life easier for all Dropbox users. No longer is dealing with a PDF a hassle on a mobile device.

No longer do you have to download, edit, upload, and email PDF files that need to be signed or otherwise changed.

It’s now basically just a one-click process thanks to Dropbox and Adobe. Editing PDFs on your iPhone or iPad is easier than ever before with Dropbox.


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