Guide To Exporting Chrome Bookmarks

chrome bookmarksBookmarks are a standard tool of users that regularly browse and navigate the World Wide Web. They are an effective way to collect, organize, and manage all your favorite websites by letting the Google Chrome browser mark and save the links to each page.

Once you have gathered and stored all the links to sites you frequently visit within your Chrome Bookmark folder, you may want to export them. This review covers all the basics and includes some interesting facts about bookmarks and their benefits followed by short tutorial on how to export them.

Syncing Your Google Chrome Bookmarks, History, and Passwords

Once you have connected your computer to the Internet and navigated to the Chrome browser, you need to click on the Menu bar link in the upper right hand corner of your screen. The link looks like three small black bars on top of each other … Scroll down the Menu bar and place your cursor on the Chrome Settings link.

Once you open the Settings link, you will be able to select how you want to sync your content, as in the image screenshot posted below.


How Do I Export My Favorite Chrome Bookmarks?

Exporting your favorite Chrome bookmarks is simple and quick. After you connect to the Internet, open your Chrome browser window. From there you will position the cursor within the top right hand corner of the drop down Menu and click on the icon that resembles three horizontal black bars on top of each other … Scroll down the menu and select Bookmarks as seen in Figure 1 below far right.

Select Bookmark Manger (Figure 1 left side) and click on the Organize menu icon link as seen in Figure 2. At the bottom of the menu you will see the option for Export Bookmarks to HTML File. When you click on this link, your computer will display your documents folder with the file name bookmarks followed by the date. Save the Chrome bookmarks file on your computer, so you can import them to other browsers.

bookmark manager

Figure 1

Figure 1


Figure 2

Chrome Extension Options: Find My Bookmarks

For those that enjoy using bookmarks when browsing and navigating the web, Google offers users the opportunity to download a Chrome extension within their web store known as Find My Bookmarks. The application offers several choices so you can get creative with your bookmarks. Features include the ability to sync and share your bookmarks on popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. You can easily manage, organize and access all your favorite bookmarks within your folder.

find my bookmarks

What are Bookmarks?

What exactly is a bookmark you may ask? You can think of a bookmark as a way to leave a trail of crumbs behind so you can find your way back. Bookmarks that you use when navigating the World Wide Web are used in a similar way to those that you tuck inside the pages of your favorite book to mark a section you enjoyed. When you are connected to the Internet and browsing the web, bookmarks provide you with a way to save your favorite content so that you can go back later to revisit those pages.

When you are on the Internet and looking at content, clicking on the Bookmark icon directs the browser to mark the page and save it with a descriptive link in your bookmarks folder. As you accumulate bookmarks and save them in your folder, you can later use the tools to organize them in alphabetical order to make it easier to track down specific links. Even when you log off your computer, the next time you connect and get back on, the browser has saved all your bookmarks until you decide to delete them.

Some users refer to their bookmarks as favorites depending on the browser they are using. Some features within the Google Chrome bookmarks folder include options to add pages or folders, rename or edit folders, cut, copy, paste, delete, and undo delete functions. One of the easiest ways to keep all your bookmarks organized is to reorder them by title. You can use the Search tool to find specific bookmarks by entering search terms and phrases if you do not remember the exact title of a saved web page.

Why Should I Use Bookmarks?

Bookmarks are a great tool to help you stay organized when you are browsing content on the Internet. If you spend a considerable amount of time navigating the web, whether it is for personal use or your job, bookmarks provide a helpful way for you to keep track of specific sites and web pages that you may need to revisit. The bookmarks stored by your browser provide a reference point that can later be linked back to when you want to revisit that same page.

If you are doing research for a school assignment or a work related project, bookmarking relevant pages is much easier than copying the links and saving them in a Word document. You can create and add individual bookmark folders and organize them by name, which is helpful when working doing research and working on reports. Using bookmarks is like having your own personal assistant to help you multitask while you work on your computer and navigate the Internet.

Bookmarks are also quite appealing for personal use so that you can save links for your favorite sites to download apps, music, recipes, or simply check out weather forecasts and the latest news. Opening your Chrome bookmarks folder and clicking on links is much faster than typing in URL addresses and opening up multiple windows or tabs. Using bookmarks provides you with an efficient way to track and locate web pages that you frequently visit.

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