Looking For Dropbox Alternatives? Here’s 6 Solutions To Consider

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With all the benefits and perks provided by cloud storage, it may be difficult to narrow down all your choices when shopping for a service. Consumers and businesses each have different needs when it comes to virtually storing their files and documents remotely.

If you have been considering Dropbox but want to know what alternative options are available, here is a list of cloud storage services that offer unique features to users. They all provide a variety of perks such as encryption, syncing between different devices,  and compatibility for multiple system platforms.

Amazon Cloud Drive

amazon cloudAs your one-stop place for safely storing all things digital, Amazon Cloud Drive lets you quickly access your favorite content all from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. Download the free iOS or Android app so you can easily manage videos and family photos when you are out and about.

Amazon Cloud Drive keeps your content safe and secure even if you lose your smartphone or if it becomes damaged. If you have an Amazon Fire phone, the Cloud Drive feature is automatically built in to the system so you are all set and ready to go.

Your photos and videos are saved and filed using an innovative timeline design so you can quickly search through the calendar to find your favorites. The mobile app features an Auto-Save mode that you can turn on to help protect your content while it is safely stored in the Amazon Cloud.

Apple iCloud

apple icloudapple icloudapple icloudapple icloudA lot of great features come included with Apple iCloud so you can easily connect with friends and family to share your favorite photos, songs, and more. You can use iCloud on mobile devices as well as your desktop computer and the iCloud Drive is compatible with both iOS systems and PC computers.

The iCloud Keychain is another great perk that helps manage your passwords and other sensitive information such as credit card numbers and accounts. You can safely surf the web with Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and the iCloud Keychain will securely store the information.

Protecting the privacy of users is of upmost importance to Apple, so they went that extra mile by providing an added layer security to the iCloud by encrypting all your data as it is transmitted over the Internet. Amazon iCloud also uses two-step authentication as an added measure of protection.


box logo pngThe cloud storage services of Box.com offer an extensive array of features for both business and personal use. You can connect and collaborate with others while safely sharing documents and files on your desktop computer as well as mobile devices.

Box lets you store files in the cloud and then sync them to be accessible from anywhere and any device. There are no more slow downloads or huge attachments to send as Box makes it easy by letting you share documents with others by providing a link.

Keep all your files neatly organized and in place with the built-in feature that categorizes each item within specific folders. Box provides offline access so you can easily get to files during those times when there is no WiFi or Internet connection available.

Knowhow Cloud

knowhow cloudPeace of mind is provided with Knowhow Cloud’s military grade encryption to safeguard and protect your sensitive information and data. You can easily sync all your documents and files so that you can transfer them to other devices. Connect with family members and friends to share your favorite content including photos.

The Knowhow app makes it simple to access your content from iOS, Windows, and Android based smartphones and tablets. The Briefcase feature adds an extra layer of protection to users’ files that are stored on their own devices.

Knowhow Cloud offers several service options that includes tablet cloud storage up to 200 GB for two devices; 2 TB for up to five devices, and 4 TB for up to ten devices. Knowhow Cloud services are powered by Livedrive with servers located in safe UK-based data centers.


mozyMozy’s automatic online backup feature keeps your content and data safe and secure around the clock. The cloud service lets you choose your own customized schedule based on individual preferences to back up your files. Select the time-frame for your backup schedule and then set the mode for automatic maintenance.

Restore options with Mozy lets you bring all your files back on board to a new computer if your old one crashes and dies. This feature provides reassurance and protection so you know that you have a backup plan in the event that an unplanned disaster strikes.

Encryption protects content and data during transit using one of several options that includes a 256-bit AES personal encryption key or the 448-bit managed Blowfish key. Mozy’s data centers incorporate high standard security measures including backup power supplies in the event of power outages.


tresoritTresorit provides some innovative features not commonly found in cloud storage services. You get total control when sharing content with others, which can be quickly modified or canceled. A user can simply suspend and revoke access with just one simply click of the mouse.

Tresorit uses high level encryption to protect your content that is stored in data centers that are physically located within the Eurpean Union. Authentication uses a 2-step process to verify identity to prevent unauthorized access.

Sync your documents and files so that you can easily share them with others. You can check the past history for document activity by looking at earlier versions. Keep track of things with the user and device dashboard to track logins and devices.

You Have Options Outside of Dropbox

When you are shopping for cloud storage, explore all your options so you know what services are available. Cloud companies each offer a variety of different features including compatibility to use the cloud with any type of device. As you check out your alternative options to Dropbox, become familiar with what each cloud storage company has to offer you relative to those features that will best meet your needs.

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