Online Storage For Photos – Here Are The Top 5 Services To Use

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Cloud storage for photos makes it so much easier to create large online collections of all your favorites for instant viewing. You can also invite friends and family members to view and enjoy your online photo albums to reflect on happy memories from the past.

The cloud storage solutions reviewed here offer users an alternative place to safely upload their favorite photos and videos where they will be kept secure with regular backups while being protected with high-grade encryption. The listing discusses popular features and highlights that appeal to users.

Amazon Cloud Drive Unlimited Photos

Amazon Cloud Drive Unlimited Photos caters to the digital lifestyle and makes saving all your favorite content fast and easy. After you download Amazon’s free mobile apps, you can access your photos from any device. Amazon offers apps for both iOS and Android based systems and as an added plus, their Cloud Drive is automatically built in to their Fire phone.

Amazon Photos is compatible with most devices including your desktop computer as well as your mobile smartphone and tablet. The Amazon Cloud Drive lets you securely access your photos from anywhere whether it is within the comfort of your home or when you are out and about and on the road traveling. If you lose a device or it becomes damaged, your content is still safe and secure in the Amazon Cloud.


Amazon’s Unlimited Photos plan lets you upload as many images as you want to the Amazon Cloud Drive for only $11.99 per year. As an extra bonus, Amazon includes an additional 5 GB of cloud storage space for free so you can safely store non-photo files. You get automatic backup with the Auto-Save feature plus you can access the Cloud Drive by signing into your regular account.

Apple iCloud Photo Library

The iCloud Photo Library by Apple conveniently stores, organizes, and manages all your photos. You can invite friends and family members to view and enjoy your shared album while letting them upload and share their own photos. The iCloud Photo Library safely stores all your favorites, which are accessible from your Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch as well as a PC computer. Your library categorizes your collection of photos into Moments, Collections, and Years, which are accessible from any device.

You can organize contributors and subscribers with People View and control notification settings and invites. When you make updates to your library of photos, Activity View displays the latest events. Notifications are sent to let you know when an invited friend or family member has decided to join your shared photo album. The Apple iCloud Photo Library always saves and stores your photos in the format in which you took the image. Storage plan options include 5 GB (free), 50 GB, 200 GB, and 1 TB.


Flickr is a popular site where users can upload, store, organize, and publically share their favorite images and photos. Flickr provides users with the option to make their photos private from public viewing. You can manage the settings and allow just friends and family members to have access or you can make photos available to all users that visit Flickr.

A highlight of the photo-sharing service is that the platform offers the perks of a social networking community where users explore and discover others’ posted images and photo collections. There are designated groups on Flickr where users can interact with others that share similar interests and hobbies. Features include the ability to add descriptive tags to your photos while posting comments.


Flickr offers totally free accounts to users, which includes 1 TB of cloud storage for your photo and video content. There are no caps on monthly bandwidth usage and all photos and videos are uploaded in their original format. Users that do not like ads can sign up for the Ad Free account. The Doublr plan offers more storage space up to 2 TB for your photos and videos.

Google Photos

Getting creative with your images and videos is easy with Google Photos, which offers unlimited free storage. Features include the ability to edit your content and also share it with others. Google Photos will keep your photo albums organized so that you can later access and search through them based on people, place, or date. You can add filters with Google Photos and also have the option to delete those you do not like along with being able to restore an image you recently edited.

You can also use Google Photos together with Google Drive when you want to manage all your content into folders. Google Drive will help keep your photos neatly organized in one designated place. Another plus of using Google Drive along with Google Photos is that you can easily transfer your images into other types of files including Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides. Syncing with Google Drive lets you easily access and view your folders when you are on the road and not at home.


Shoebox provides users with automatic backup to keep their photos safe for quick and easy access from any device including your desktop computer along with your mobile smartphone or tablet. There are no storage limits on the amount of photos you can keep in Shoebox’s cloud so you get unlimited space with no constraints. High-level encryption protects your favorite photos so they are private for your eyes only. You can upload photos to Shoebox and then share your album favorites with friends and family.

The free plan offered by Shoebox provides users with an unlimited amount of storage and photo backup, which is protected by secure encryption. You can download apps for your desktop computer and mobile devices and access your account online at the site. The free plan backs up photos with a resolution of 10.6 megapixels and includes up to 3 minutes per video with a 15 minute max. The Pro Plan has 6 minutes of backup per video with a max of 10 hours and does not compress your images.

Create Online Photo Collections and Galleries with Cloud Storage

The great thing about cloud storage for your photos is that most providers offer free plans so you can upload all your favorites and then share them with friends and family members. Enhanced features and tools include the option to edit your photos and organize them in album collections with descriptive tags.

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