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11 Google File Sharing Facts That Are a Risk To Your Privacy

google file sharing privacy risks

Just about everyone knows about Google’s file sharing options. Google Drive, Google Docs, and Gmail have become mainstays of the industry with millions of users across their sharing apps, and for a good reason. Google’s offerings are simple-to-use, reliable, and make getting your files to recipients for instant collaboration a breeze. There may be a […]

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Why Individuals & Businesses Should Use Cloud Storage

why individuals and businesses should use cloud storage

We’ve all heard about cloud storage. The practice of moving data off local hard drives and into web-accessible servers has become more and more ubiquitous in recent years, and there are scores of surveys and analytics showing the trend will continue hitting its stride. Right Scale, for instance, reports that Enterprise workloads are shifting to […]

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11 Things You Need to Know About Cloud Security

cloud security

Cloud storage is an amazing advantage for individuals and businesses. Most know about the many benefits it offers—reduced storage costs, incredible ease of access, improved team communication, and data shareability. All the luster fades a bit, however, when the topic of security comes to the fore. While most know that the cloud prevents against physical […]

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How to Backup & Restore Your Whatsapp Data

how to backup whatsapp data

The WhatsApp free messaging app is one of the most popular around, touting near one billion users worldwide. The service has rapidly evolved since its early days in 2009, but no matter how many upgrades it undergoes or iterations of the software the developers release, there’s one common question that users are continually asking themselves—how […]

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IDrive Announces RemotePC Team Plan

idrive announces remotepc team plan

Few cloud storage services are as popular as IDrive. The cloud storage and syncing tool has a solid reputation, especially among small and medium businesses using the service for secure, streamlined collaboration. Though IDrive has always been highly regarded, the company’s recent announcement of its all new RemotePC “Team Plan” ushers in even more exciting […]

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How to Edit PDFs on Your iPhone or iPad with Dropbox

edit pdfs with dropbox

There’s little denying that dealing with PDFs is a frustrating process. Loading them is usually annoying and editing them is a whole new level of challenging. Still, PDFs are more than necessary for several applications. In fact, they’re often essential. You know what’s even worse than editing a PDF on a computer? Attempting to edit […]

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How Does Zero-Knowledge Encryption Work with Cloud Storage

zero knowledge encryption

Storing your data on the cloud is undoubtedly convenient – but it comes with its fair share of security concerns. Your service provider has access to your data when you use a cloud storage service. So, what happens if that data is leaked or hacked? The question plagues even the most reputable cloud storage providers. […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Using Google Drive

The Ultimate Guide to Using Google Drive

Google Drive is currently one of the most popular cloud storage and syncing services. Created on the backs of the successful Google Docs, Drive takes many of this service’s best features, fine-tunes them, and adds in an array of powerful new features. So, what exactly makes Google Drive tick? And how do you effectively use […]

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Top 3 Cloud Storage Options For Video Editors

best cloud storage for video editing

If you’re a video editor, you’re likely dealing with large files on a regular basis. The number of video files out there has skyrocketed in recent years thanks to the simplicity of recording video across numerous devices. Naturally, a question you may have is “where are all of these files being stored?” It’s a great […]

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  • February 25, 2017
  • Blog
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