Crashplan Vs BackBlaze – Which Cloud Provider Is Better?

backblaze vs crashplan

There are many companies that offer remote online cloud storage solutions for your documents and files. Choosing the service plan subscription that is best for you or your business takes careful consideration. Backblaze and CrashPlan both offer great features.

Whether you are looking for cloud storage as a safe place to keep all your favorite content or are in need of a business solution with enhanced capabilities, this comparison review should help make the process easier. This list includes a detailed overview of plan options and features provided by each company.

Options for Unlimited Online Backup

The question of whether truly unlimited online backup really exists is one that many people often wonder about. Backblaze offers the benefit of ongoing unlimited backup for any type of file or document regardless of size, type, or speed. As an added option for backup protection, if your computer is lost, damaged, or crashes, Backblaze can ship a hard drive directly to you with all of your content, files, and documents stored on it for convenience.

CrashPlan provides unlimited online cloud storage space for users that sign up for a service plan. Benefits of a CrashPlan subscription includes no holds barred as to caps on bandwidth and there are no constraints for file types. Cloud backup is securely maintained automatically on a continuous basis for an added level of protection.

Mobility: Can You Access the Cloud From Any Device?

Backblaze provides mobile device users with easy and quick access when on the go. Backblaze is compatible for usage with the Apple iOS and Google Android mobile platform operating systems. The app will work on iPhones and iPods using iOS 6.0 and later. Android devices need to be running 4.03 and later versions to be compatible. Backblaze can also be used with Android tablets.

You can easily access your stored content on CrashPlan from the comfort of your smartphone. For users that have Apple iPhones, the mobile app for CrashPlan is compatible with iOS 7.0 and higher. Android device users must be running a system that is 2.2 and higher. Windows based phones need to be running 7.5 to 8 and higher to be compatible.

Safety and Security: Encryption and Authentication

Backblaze uses multi-layer protection methods to safeguard users’ stored content during access. In addition to a traditional password, two-factor authentication requires the user to enter a code sent to them on their mobile device. This added feature works by verifying the user’s identity to help prevent unauthorized access. Encryption is automatically built in so your content is invisible and secure while being transmitted to the Backblaze data center for secure storage.

CrashPlan protects users with encryption as well as offering the option for a private key. Military-grade safety and security features also add an extra layer of protection. Your content is secured with 448-bit encryption while on your machine and then 128-bit encryption takes over during the process of transmitting the data to the CrashPlan cloud for storage. Users have the option of implementing their own password or selecting their own unique data key.

Loss Protection: Restore and Backup Capabilities

Backblaze provides users with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that lost files can be recovered and restored. Backup options include downloading content stored in the cloud directly onto your computer in the form of a zip file. You can also have Backblaze mail you a flash drive or USB hard drive with your saved content. Linking to Backblaze with your mobile device is yet another option for retrieving and accessing documents and files.

Restore and backup features offered by CrashPlan includes safe storage within their online cloud, your external hard drive, and when linked offsite to additional computers. Backup is maintained by CrashPlan automatically but they also offer the convenience of select scheduling. Additional features include pause backups when there is low battery power. Users can take advantage of restore features including self-healing archives, retaining file versions, and saving deleted files indefinitely.

CrashPlan Subscription Service Options

CrashPlan offers a variety of plans to suit varying needs and preferences. The Free Plan comes with backup that is automatic for your local hard drives and other devices. If you want access to online cloud storage you need to upgrade to an individual subscription plan, which is quite affordable at about $5 monthly. Once you upgrade and sign up, you get added perks including continuous backup plus access from your mobile devices. The Family Plan is a good choice when you want coverage for several people.


CrashPlan also offers subscriptions for businesses that feature total control over access to data and remote tracking for mobile devices such as laptops. Other perks include email alerts, administrative reports, and universal networking with a dynamic IP locator. Background verification and validation along with file compression and the choice of continuous or scheduled backup round out the benefits. The platform is high performance and provides remote client configuration and web management.

Backblaze Subscription Service Options

Backblaze’s selection of plans includes Personal Backup and Business Backup. At an affordable $5 per month, Personal Backup is a good choice for individual users in search of cloud storage for home use. This plan includes unlimited online backup of all file types plus you can link to Backblaze using your mobile smartphone or tablet. A key feature of this plan is the ability for Backblaze to locate your computer if it is lost or stolen. Tracking is done by mapping the computer along with the IP address.


Backblaze Business Backup is affordable at only $50 per computer per year. This plan offers unlimited backup of data and is compatible with Apple Mac and Windows based computers and laptops. You can also backup external hard drives and mobile access is available for iOS and Android platforms. System requirements include PCs running Windows 7 and later plus Apple Macs running OSX 10.6 and later. Business Backup includes administrative and reporting tools to help manage your accounts.

Backblaze and CrashPlan Offer a Variety of Solutions

Whether you are an individual or a business looking for a way to safely store your content in the cloud, Backblaze and CrashPlan both offer efficient cost-saving solutions to meet your needs.  A variety of subscription plans are available from both companies all of which offer beneficial features and perks.

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