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justcloud logo

Justcloud claims to provide file syncing, sharing and fast backup and restoration. It provides a 128-bit encryption to keep your data secure and it has apps for almost all the platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Amazon Fire. Plans start from $8.69 per month.


zipcloud logo

What started as a backup service for Mac has now become a full blown cloud backup app that can be used on any platform. Its features include automatic backup, file syncing and file versioning. All the data is backed up to Amazon S3 server. ZipCloud is known for its extremely customizable plans that start at $8.69 per month for 75GB.


pcloud logo

pCloud is a very simple and clean cloud storage service, making it a great option for personal data. Apart from storage, it allows synching, sharing and it saves file version history for 180 days. It provides 10 GB of free space which can extended to 20GB through referrals and plans start at $3.99 per month for 500 GB.


mypcbackup logo

MyPCBackup’s main feature is automation. It has been especially developed for people who do want their files backed up but they don’t want to spend hours thinking about which file to backup and when to backup. Other features include file syncing and sharing, and the plans start at $8.69 per month for 75GB.


carbonite png logo

Claiming to be a secure online cloud storage service with unlimited storage space, Carbonite’s main aim is to provide good backup and nothing else. But that’s what all it is, a backup service. It cannot be used for file syncing or sharing. The plans start at $42 per year.


sugarsync logo png

One of the big guns of cloud storage market, Sugarsync is an intuitive cloud storage and syncing service. Available for Android, iOS, Windows and even Symbian, it provides an extremely sleek interface. Plans start at 100GB for $7.49 per month.


Backblaze claims to be a ‘robust and a low cost’ cloud storage solution. The service offers unlimited storage, highly secure data and apps for Android and iOS. But the most special feature of Backblaze is that it can also mail you a physical hard drive or flash drive with all the data you backed up on it. Unlimited plans start at $5 per month.


crashplan logo

Also offering unlimited file storage space is CrashPlan. It encrypts the data and backs it up to its secure server. A special feature of CrashPlan is that users can also save their data to a friend’s computer through the internet but only they will have access to the actual data since it would be encrypted. Plans start at $59.99 per computer per year.


idrive logo

Drive provides some of the most impressive features including continuous backup, unlimited devices in a single account, file synchronization and it can also mail a hard drive to your address containing all your backed up data. Initial 5GB is free and the plans start at $44.62 per year for 1 TB.


sync logo png

Sync.com provides ‘zero knowledge’ storage option with a private cloud and end-to-end encryption. Apart from that, it also provides automatic backup, syncing and sharing options. This is also a great service for businesses since it already follows all the data privacy compliances and provides team collaboration features. Sync.com provies 5 GB free and plans start at $49 per year for 500 GB.


dropbox logo

Dropbox needs absolutely no introduction since it was one of the first cloud storage service ever introduced. It has file syncing, versioning and documents can now be edited on its web app through Microsoft Office Online. Dropbox provides 2 GB of free space which can be extended to 16 GB through referrals. Pro plans start at $9.99 per year for 1 TB.


spideroak logo

Spideroak promises a zero knowledge policy and end-to-end encryption with passwords that are never stored on its servers. Other features include file syncing, customizable backups and unlimited computers linked to a single account. The services free 2 GB storage and plans start at $7 per month for 30GB of space.


onedrive logo

Microsoft’s very own cloud storage service, OneDrive isn’t as impressive on its own. But its collaboration with Microsoft Office is what makes it so powerful. After providing unlimited storage and abruptly taking it back, it now offers 15GB of free space, 1 TB free space for Office 365 users and monthly plans start at $6.99 per month.


adrive logo

With 50 GB of free space, Adrive can easily attract any new users. But that’s not all it has. It provides file synchronization, drive mapping and extremely customizable options if you are a Linux user. Plans for Adrive start at $2.5 per month for 100 GB.

Mega Cloud Storage (mega.nz)

mega logo

Launched after MegaUpload was shut down by the US government, Mega Cloud Storage is pro-privacy and anti-government. Along with AES encryption, the service provides 50 GB of free space, file synchronization, versioning and also, deleted file recovery.

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